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Why Choose a Composite Construction Mat

When you work in harsh terrain or in environmentally sensitive areas, you know the importance of reliable construction mats. They are critical to getting the job done right while protecting your equipment and the job site.

If you have used a lot of construction mats over the years, you are probably also familiar with some of the great frustrations they can present. Many mats break down too easily or can gain weight when wet, compromising the work site and safety. That is why more people are turning to composite construction mats. They help you get the job done right while protecting your equipment and the job site.

SYSTEM7™ Composite Construction Mats

There are many advantages to SYSTEM7™ construction mats from Spartan Mat. First, they are made of durable material that will not gain weight in wet areas, and they hold up to the toughest conditions. Once you have SYSTEM7™ construction mats, you can say goodbye to the troubles you had with your old mats, including wearing out too soon.

Additionally, we have engineered our SYSTEM7™ mats to fit seamlessly with other mats on the market so you can start taking advantage of our superior mats without having to replace all your old mats right away.

Our SYSTEM7™ composite construction mats are engineered to last. They are field proven to last for over 10 years. This gives you a product you can count on for all your jobs—they are the mats that you can use again and again.

Struxure Composite Crane Mats

For the best composite construction mats for cranes on the market, look no further than our Struxure mats. Our composite mats hold up under the heaviest equipment and in harsh or wet terrain. Not only do they keep water and other substances out to prevent weight gain and deterioration, but they also have higher compression strength values than oak.

Our mats are your solution for protecting the environment. They don’t absorb any of the surrounding environment, and they don’t leach anything into the ground. Plus, Struxure composite construction mats are made of recycled materials, so they keep waste out of landfills.

Why Composite Construction Mats?

We make the best construction mats on the market because we know what you need to get your work done. We make products that meet your needs and address the problems that are common to other mats on the market. With our composite construction mats, you get the performance you need and the durability you want. And since they last longer, composite construction mats will save you money over time.

For the best mats, you can get, turn to composite construction mats from Spartan Mat. We have engineered the durable mats you need for even the toughest jobs. With our products, there is no need to compromise between toughness and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today to learn more.

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