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The Many Uses of Construction Equipment Mats

The Many Uses of Construction Equipment Mats

Your business depends on your costly construction equipment and materials. That’s why you need a solid, durable foundation underneath your investment. No matter if you are working on frozen tundra, offshore swamps, or shifting sand, there are many reasons why your job may necessitate the use of construction mats. That’s why Spartan Mat has a wide variety of mat products in all shapes, sizes, and materials that will stand up to even extreme elements and constant heavy loads, day in and day out.

No matter where your site is situated, Spartan Mat has one of its 89+ locations nearby. This means we can ship, deliver, or have you pick up your mats at a low cost to you and often time same day or next day delivery!.

Construction Access Mats 

Construction access mats are used to create a solid surface for trucks and heavy construction equipment to drive or lift from, on to their less-than-optimally-located job site. Whether your base is sand, rock, mud, permafrost, or any other environmentally-sensitive area, these mats quickly create strong, yet temporary roadways; we even offer bridge packages for stream crossings or air bridge applications.

Construction mats:

  • Safeguard workers who drive to and from the site every day.
  • Transport easily from one location to another.
  • Shield your vehicles and equipment from tire damage and tipping hazards.
  • Prevent project delays when the ground is wet, soft, or uneven.
  • Create a safe, secure base for parking and working.
  • Protect the environment from tire tracks and ruts.

Construction Floor Mats / Ground Protection Mats

Construction floor mats or ground protection mats create a base on which to park and work while on site. Keeping the area clear and clean keeps work moving efficiently, mitigates potential equipment and land damage, and keeps workers safe.

Construction floor mats and ground protection mats are strong enough to bear the weight of heavy equipment such as:

  • Cranes
  • Tanks
  • Drilling Rigs
  • And more!

Other Uses for Mats for Construction

While using mats for construction projects is common, many other industries can benefit from these hard-wearing, long-lasting hardwood mats, laminated mats, or composite mats:

  • Pipeline Work
  • Oil and Gas Drilling
  • Fracking sites
  • Logging & Forestry
  • Mining
  • Nuclear/Wastewater Treatment Plant Work
  • Refinery Applications
  • Transmission & Distribution (T&D) line work

No matter what project you are working on or where it is located, you will always find a practical and efficient use for construction equipment mats.

Get Your Construction Mats

Whatever your need, Spartan Mat has a solution. Need to support a drill rig or Protect your sight from chemical spills, or drive over permafrost? We have you covered as our mats work extremely well over and over again in each of these applications and more.

In addition to our superior selection of mats, we give you the option to have us sort, grade, clean, and buy back your mats when the job is finished. Our competitive new and used purchase prices, rental rates, and buyback programs make Spartan Mat a cost-effective choice.

To find available construction equipment mats near your worksite or for help finding the perfect type and quantity of mats for your specific job, contact an expert at Spartan Mat today!

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