Laminated Mat Rentals for Rent in Louisiana

Why Your Project Needs Laminated Mats for Rent in Louisiana

Each state comes with its own set of environmental challenges when it comes to construction, and drilling work in Louisiana is no different. A good portion of the state is covered in low alluvial and costal lands, including swamps, marshlands, and beaches. These can prove to be challenging when you need access to a site or use heavy equipment to get work done.

Luckily, Spartan Mat products are designed for just this type of environment. Protecting workers, heavy equipment, and sensitive habitat is easy to do when you use crane mats in Louisiana.

Laminated Mats for Louisiana’s Industries

Louisiana is strategically located on the Gulf Coast and has many natural resources that propel this economy forward. Some of the industries Louisiana is known for are:

  • Transportation, including highways, bridges, canals, levees, port facilities, airports, and the Intracoastal Waterway
  • Agriculture and Commercial Fishing
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • Chemical Production

Each of these industries requires specialized equipment to be used in difficult and vulnerable locations. That’s where laminated mats that are available for rent in Louisiana can prove useful.

Louisiana’s Environmental Challenges and How Construction Mats Can Help

Working in Louisiana’s unique landscape can prove difficult. Here are just three examples of local challenges:

  1. Whether repairing canals, constructing port facilities, or installing pipelines, the subgrade likely doesn’t have the strength to support the driving and parking of cranes, drill rigs, and other heavy equipment.
  2. The humid subtropical climate can also wreak havoc with rust if your components are sitting on the often soggy ground.
  3. Some sites are hard to access and work in without damaging sensitive (and crucial) wetland environments.

To answer all these challenges is laminated crane mat rentals in Louisiana.

Crane Mat Rentals in Louisiana

Renting construction mats is a great way to work within your budget on construction, drilling, or pipeline projects. Spartan Mat offers the following construction mat rentals:

  • Bridge Mats
  • Crane Mats
  • Oak Mats
  • Laminated mats
  • Composite Mats
  • Steel Rig Mats

Spartan Mat has 89+ locations around the United States and Canada, including an office in Louisiana. This means you have a local expert who knows the industry demands and challenging terrain right where you are working. We will help you determine exactly what type of mat (and how many square fee of it) is a good fit for your needs. Being close by also means you have quick, easy, and affordable access to high-quality mats any time you need them.

Commitment to Quality

There is no need to worry about the quality of our used mats. We inspect each one and keep a detailed history of its use so you always know exactly what you’re getting. If you will need constructions mats for a long period of time or will use them over and over again, Spartan Mat also offers construction mats for purchase in Louisiana.

Contact us for more information or to rent or buy your mats today!

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