Composite skids

Hardwood vs Composite Pipeline Skids

When working in the pipeline industry, you need the right equipment to get the job done. You also need to make sure your equipment stays intact and is not damaged by the elements. By having the best and most economical pipeline skids for each project, you can feel secure in knowing that the job will be done right and that the worksite will stay safe.

When considering the use of hardwood and composite pipeline skids, there are key differences to keep in mind. Knowing how you will use each product will help you determine what you need and how many of each to order from Spartan Mats’ convenient and efficient delivery network.


What Is The Difference?

Spartan Mat’s Composite Skids have many great benefits that make them the premier choice for your pipeline skids needs. Some benefits of composite pipeline skids include:

  • Spartan Mat composite skids come with a 50-year warranty
  • The composite skids will NEVER rot
  • Greater compression strength for bigger machines
  • The knurled surface texture adds additional grip
  • They are impervious to chemicals and are easy to clean
  • They do not need to be heat treated or fumigated when crossing into other states or countries

Having hardwood skids can be a benefit to your business as well. Depending on the need, size of equipment, and location, hardwood pipeline skids may be a good option for you.


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No matter what your construction needs, hardwood skids or composite skids, Spartan Mat has the products you need. Our nationwide network of locations reduces shipping costs and times. Contact us for a quote to get the tools you need for your next job.

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