SYSTEM7™ Composite Mats vs Durabase Construction Mats

A Comparative Analysis of SYSTEM7™ vs Durabase Construction Mats

There are many options on the market when it comes to selecting the best construction mat for a job. SYSTEM7™ and DURA-BASE® construction mats are two popular choices.

We will analyze the features, benefits, and downsides of both composite mats to help project managers and contractors make an informed decision on which access mat is the best fit for their project.


Durability is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account when choosing a construction mat. The mats must be strong enough to support the weight of large trucks and equipment without breaking or deforming. Durable and long-lasting mats are a feature of both SYSTEM7™ and Durabase.

Spartan Composites chooses to make SYSTEM7™ thicker. It measures 4.25 inches while DURA-BASE® mats measure 4 inches thick.

SYSTEM7™ mats are produced from a special blend of HDPE and a UV stabilizer. Even in extremely high or low temperatures, this material is intended to be durable, flexible, and resistant to cracking. The mats may be used in a range of terrains and can sustain heavy equipment.

DURA-BASE® mats are made from a different proprietary formula, utilizing HDPE with polymer additives. The goal is a surface that can withstand constant pressure in a variety of climates.

Both SYSTEM7™ and DURA-BASE® have long work lives. It is possible for these mats to last 15 years or more. Plus, when the mat is no longer viable, the material can be recycled.

Edge Lip Testing

Edge lip testing is an important consideration when choosing a construction mat. The mat’s edge must be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the mat alone as well as any equipment that might be placed on it.

DURA-BASE® and SYSTEM7™ mats have undergone this testing. They have proven capability when it comes to providing a strong foundation in environmentally sensitive areas.

As a result of their close proximity to one another, the mats keep out dirt and other particles that could cause them to shift or become unstable. Large trucks can roll over without worrying that the access matting system will shift beneath the wheels. This is why composite matting systems are considered superior to wood when creating temporary roads.

The reinforced edge on SYSTEM7™ is intended to add additional strength and support. The mats can interlock tightly, lowering the possibility of any gaps or separations between the mats. Patented locking pins ensure a tight, long-lasting fit.

When SYSTEM7™ was developed, the manufacturers made sure that their pin lock system would work with other mats, including DURA-BASE®. This allows managers to switch to SYSTEM7™ without replacing their entire mat supply.

Pin Testing

When choosing a construction mat, pin testing is yet another crucial aspect to take into account. To test the stability and strength of the mat, a metal pin is inserted into it.

Independent tests were conducted on SYSTEM7™ and demonstrated its ability to withstand pin penetration. DURA-BASE composite mats have also had pin penetration testing and have been determined to be resilient.

The underlying terrain can thus be protected for a considerable amount of time thanks to the mat’s reduced susceptibility to damage from sharp objects like rocks, tools, nails, or debris.

One danger with punctures is the absorption of water into a mat. SYSTEM7™ engineers thought ahead, and they designed the mats with compartments. This allows minimal water infiltration in the event that the mat gets damaged.

Weight Capacity

When choosing a construction mat, its weight capacity is also crucial. Heavy machinery and vehicles must be supported by the mats without them breaking or deforming.

SYSTEM7™ was developed by a team with experience in the field. They knew from day one that the mats had to perform without breaking or deforming. SYSTEM7™ mats are an excellent choice for heavy-duty construction projects that call for the use of powerful machineries like bulldozers, excavators, and cranes due to their high psi rating.

Durabase mats also claim a high PSI to allow use by heavy machinery or vehicles. The mats are designed for access roads and job site platforms. 

 SYSTEM7™ has an independently tested PSI rating of 650 while DURA-BASE®  is rated for 600 PSI.  The class-leading PSI demonstrates that  SYSTEM7™ has an edge when it comes to the heaviest vehicles.  Plus it has patented ZeroSkid tread patterns to assist load-bearing vehicles on the go.


Composite mats can last ten to 15 years or more when made correctly.  DURA-BASE® and  SYSTEM7™  are made with proprietary formulas of HDPE.  

To ensure durability, SYSTEM7™ utilizes high-quality virgin materials. The formula is designed to prevent static and protect from UV rays.  The mat has internal ribbing that gives it extra strength under pressure. 

These two mat systems have the same size mats, covering the same amount of ground. However, SYSTEM7™ mats are a quarter-inch thicker. This is another way Spartan Composites seeks to give its HDPE access mats an edge over other composite mats.


If you are looking for the right access mat,  SYSTEM7™ has a distinct advantage due to its thickness, PSI ratings, and its manufacturing process. Durabase construction mats are good products, but In SYSTEM7™ is the premium solution for building projects. 

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