SYSTEM7™ Composite Mats Costs vs Wood Mats Costs

7 Reasons You’ll Lower Your Worksite Costs with SYSTEM7™ vs Wood Mats

Equipment is supposed to be an investment, but wood mats have such a short working life that they really are more of a drain on your budget. That’s where SYSTEM7™ composite mats come into the picture.

1. Cheaper Transportation Costs

Using SYSTEM7™ cuts transportation costs by covering more ground with a less weighty product. A standard flatbed truck will handle 45 SYSTEM7™ mats. That same truck carries only 20 to 25 wooden mats.

For smart contractors, this saving is a rebate on purchase. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving as, time after time, the truckloads cover more linear feet with fewer loads.

2. Long Term Investment

SYSTEM7™ composite mats will never rot and are so sturdy that most will last decades. If you use them at three jobs per year, that’s 30 jobs at the ten-year mark. It’s 45 jobs by the 15-year mark, and 60 jobs at the 20-year mark.

In comparison, wood mats would average 4 or 5 jobs at the rate of 3 per year. The shelf life of wood mats is short at 1.5 years. That means buying new mats 5 more times at the ten-year mark and 10 more times at the 20-year mark. That’s a lot of cash going down the drain.

By the way, even in storage, wood mats won’t stop deterioration. Plus, if used on long-term projects, wood mats may need to be replaced during the work process. That simply can’t happen when you use SYSTEM7™ composite mats.

Infographic Spartan Mat Life Term Investment

3. Proven Strength

While wood mats rely on bulk for their strength, SYSTEM7™ mats have a better and more predictable strength-to-weight ratio.  That’s because the SYSTEM7™ mat is manufactured to provide guaranteed engineering and performance ratings that wood mats simple don’t have.

Composite mats won’t move out of place. Interlocking brackets hold firm even when heavy equipment pressures mats to move apart. Proven weight bearing capability makes life more predictable.

Spartan Mat Infographic 2

4. Quicker Setup

Furthermore, when moving SYSTEM7™ mats, the work crews will find it easier and quicker to set up the worksite or access road. This can save money and help maintain tight schedules.

Spartan Mat Infographic

5. Quicker Recovery

Taking the site apart is easier too. Weighing so much less than wood, picking up composite mats happens faster. Plus, the mats are easy to clean since they are nonporous.   And you won’t have to worry about rotted wood like you will with wooden mats.

remediation mats

6. Storage Considerations

SYSTEM7™ storage is less of a challenge. Thinner, they stack more neatly and take less space. There’s no chance you’ll find some rotted out later because they aren’t susceptible to rot, insects, rodents, temperature fluctuations or humidity.

benefits of construction mats

7. Stakeholder Considerations

Whether it’s community stakeholders or some environmental agency, it’s likely that someone is looking over management’s shoulder. SYSTEM7™ should make it easier to address their concerns. Here’s why:

The nonporous SYSTEM7™ mats will wash clean much more easily than wood mats. This means that it is much easier to prevent the mats from transferring biological material or chemical contaminants to the next site. Plus since SYSTEM7™ mats won’t soak up chemical spills the way wood might, the composite system provides a better ground barrier when in use.

Furthermore, no trees were felled to create these mats. It is difficult to reuse wooden mats once they have served their purpose. Composite mats have the potential to be recycled. In fact, we already utilize mat waste in our production process.

Infographic Spartan Mat

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