SYSTEM7™ Composite Mats vs Timber Mats

Many people assume that timber mats made from quality hardwoods are the best choice for heavy-duty projects. However, SYSTEM7™ Composite Mats have the advantage over wood, even when it comes to a cost analysis.

5 Real Benefits of SYSTEM7™ Composite Mats vs Timber Mats

Here are the facts about how this innovative product matches and improves upon what timber mats can do.

1. Zero Loss

The first thing to remember about timber mats is that they are extremely susceptible to rot due to weather conditions and insects. This wood product will expand when soaked by rain, snow or swamp water. Hardwood mats will contract when met with extreme heat.

None of this applies to SYSTEM7™ mats. The tough HDPE material is absolutely impervious to bugs and weather. It is difficult to puncture, but if that were to happen, the internal ribbing would trap any liquid until it could be drained back out.

2. Weight-to-Strength Ratio

SYSTEM7™ is an advance on timber access mats in terms of weight-to-strength ratio. With its special formulation, this Spartan composite requires less material overall. Therefore, it weighs less, helping it take less storage or shipping space than wood.

Yet this high quality material can still provide the same strength or greater. This makes this composite matting system a big improvement over timber construction mats. It is ready for use on many types of construction projects, including staging areas for heavy equipment and the temporary roadways needed for oil and gas projects.


3. Highest PSI of All Composites

The engineering of SYSTEM7™ has been rigorously tested and its strength and durability is verified by independent engineers and customers alike. With a PSI rating of 650, it has a 50-point advantage over its composite competitors.

This guarantee is important, given that timber crane mats cannot offer a firm guarantee of PSI ratings or the evenness of its strength. SYSTEM7™ is made to have no weak points, giving it uniform strength throughout. That’s essential to keeping trucks moving and equipment working across a large job site.

Furthermore, the lip-flange design that holds the access mats together has been proven to be much more reliable than other methods. The overlapping mat lip provides a more continuous surface than timber mats when joined together.

4. Transportation Costs

With years of experience in moving mats, our team knew it was essential to create a product that could reduce the high cost of transportation. To do this, we made SYSTEM7™ thinner and less weighty than its composite rivals and half the weight of its timber competitors.

One truckload of SYSTEM7™ mats can cover more square footage than timber mats weighing the same amount. Managers can expect the less cumbersome composite mats to be put into place more quickly as well.


5. Long Lifespan

Even when made from quality hardwoods, timber mats rely on their weight and solid mass to do their job. They simply are not created with the same level of engineering and scientific development as SYSTEM7™.

Spartan Composites worked from scratch to design and develop a composite product with the ability to directly replace timber mats on the job. The result is a formula that provides uniformity across the matting surface. It includes UV protection, static reduction, and anti-curling aspects to ensure it meets all requirements.

If taken care of, SYSTEM7™ mats can last for decades. This means that while a timber mat may quit being useful after 1.5 to two years, you may find SYSTEM7™ still on job sites after 10, 15 or even 20 years.


Timber mats may give out after 2 or 3 jobs. Taking this to its logical conclusion, this means buying timber mats every few years, and soon businesses have spent much more than SYSTEM7™ would cost them.

SYSTEM7™mats could easily handle 30 jobs over 10 years. At that point, the manager would have bought timber mats five times. If SYSTEM7™ goes for two decades as projected, the manager would have bought timber mats 10 times.


In the final cost analysis, only SYSTEM7™ makes sense. This composite matting system is a true investment. You’ll find out more with a quick call or use our contact form.

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