SYSTEM7™️️️ vs Megadeck® Composite Mat Comparison

SYSTEM7™ vs. Megadeck®: Which Composite Mat is Right for You?

When there’s a big work project to do, managers need safe access roads and stable surfaces for where trucks adn equipment can easily move.  Construction mats offer a solid, level surface to hold the weight of large machinery and less the environmental impact.   SYSTEM7™ and Megadeck® are two popular composite mat systems . To assist project managers and contractors in making an informed choice, we will evaluate the qualities of these two mats in this access mat comparison

Size and Surface Area

Individually,  SYSTEM7™ mats are wider than Megadeck®.  The difference continues when they are joined together.  Some simple math shows that this makes a big difference in the amount of usable space.

A single SYSTEM7™ mat covers 91 square feet (sq ft) while a Megadeck® mat covers 84.5 sq ft of space.  That’s a difference of 6.5 sq ft.  With ten mats, SYSTEM7™ covers 65 more sq ft.  With 100 mats, SYSTEM7 covers 650 more sq ft.

Furthermore, SYSTEM7™ mats are the thickest mat in this class. Measuring 4.25 inches, they give users an extra quarter-inch of ground protection when compared to Megadeck® HD composite mats. 

PSI Ratings

Both mats are well-suited for demanding jobs, but the numbers show SYSTEM7™ with an edge.  Demonstrating great strength under pressure, SYSTEM7™ mats have a heavy duty rating of 650 PSI.  Megadeck® has a more typical heavy duty rating of 600 PSI.

Composites mats can be independently tested to determine how much weight they can withstand. PSI (pounds per square inch) is the common unit of measurement.  When a mat is put through a PSI test, engineers determine its ability to support weight. This critical since access mats have trucks rolling over them and big equipment moving around on them.

Mat Construction

The two mats are made of proprietary HDPE materials that have additives to reduce the effects of UV rays and static.

SYSTEM7™️️ is made with a 7-step patented process that utilizes high-quality virgin resins. The final product is a one-piece fusion welded mat. In other words, it isn’t layered like CLT mats. Furthermore, it has high strength ribbing to help it keep its form.

Although punctures are unlikely, they can happen. Therefore, SYSTEM7™️️ has compartments to trap water in small amounts. This prevents fluid saturation. Some composite mats simply fill with water if punctured.

Edge Lip Testing

SYSTEM7™ and  Megadeck® HD heavy duty composite mats are both tested for edge lip viability, ensuring that they can handle environmental factors. The purpose of this edge lip testing is to establish whether an access mat can hold soil in place at its edge to avoid soil erosion.

This is crucial for initiatives involving delicate habitats, including wetlands or regions where endangered animals are present. In edge lip testing, a soil sample is placed on the slope and the mat is set up at the edge to see if it will retain the soil in place.


Project managers and contractors should ultimately assess the unique requirements of their project and balance upfront expensses of each matting system against the long-term benefits and cost-effectiveness. They can then make a well-informed selection that strikes the right balance between their budget and their project requirements.

There are a few ways that SYSTEM7™ can help lower worksite costs when compared to Megadeck®:


In summary, the SYSTEM7™ has some definite advantages over Megadeck® construction mats. This includes size, thickness, PSI ratings, and mat composition.

If your goal is the most cost effective mat capable of doing the job, then SYSTEM7™ is definitely the best bet.

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